MathJax symbols

\digamma = ϝ or ϝ \varkappa = ϰ or ϰ \varGamma = \mathit\Gamma \varDelta = \mathit\Delta \varTheta = \mathit\Theta \varLambda = \mathit\Lambda \varXi = \mathit\Xi \varPi = \mathit\Pi \varSigma = \mathit\Sigma \varUpsilon = \mathit\Upsilon \varPhi = \mathit\Phi \varPsi = \mathit\Psi \varOmega = \mathit\Omega \beth = ℶ or ℶ \gimel = …

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Scala for Java

Scala does almost everything Java does, plus a whole lot of useful functional stuff. There’s a direct analog in Scala for almost everything in Java. Annotation declaration Java Scala

There is no special syntax for annotation definitions. An annotation has to extend scala.Annotation, or one of its sub-traits. …

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Security Science

Purpose of this post is to collect often disperse security essentials. I will try to make this as short as possible without losing its essentials details. Basic Building Blocks Authentication – Authentication asks the question, “Who or what are you?” Authorization – Authorization asks, “What are you allowed to do?” …

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