Add Static IPv6 Address to Linux

/etc/network/interfaces iface eth0 inet6 staticaddress 2001:05CA:1201::3netmask 64 gateway 2001:05CA:1201::1


ASM and SSM are two multicast models. ASM stands for Any Source Multicast while SSM for Source Specific Multicast. ASM provides a simple bidirectional multicast...

OSX Sudoers

Mac OS X users who spend a lot of time in Terminal may find having to enter their account passwords when using sudo to be...

windump TCPDUMP for windows

This will provide a listing of the devices windump thinks are available. You can then use the command: C:pujan> windump -D If you would like...

OSX How to convert CHM to HTML

$ sudo port install chmlib$ extract_chmLib example.chm directory

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